Message From the Singers
The Vancouver Chinese Singers is into its 34th season (2017-2018) this year. We strive to maintain a high standard of music quality, to enhance each members' ability and to capture the interest of our audience. Our Chinese choral music repertoire covers a variety of styles and originates from different time periods and regions. Our music includes selections from traditional to modern styles in both Chinese and western repertoire. Each year we present our music through different themes. We wish to use unforgettable melodies to fulfill our hearts with joy and sorrow, and thereafter, we wish for a better tomorrow. We sincerely thank our guest artists, sponsoring groups and individuals for their continuous support. Their efforts have made our annual events each year possible.



Vancouver Chinese Singers (VCS) Society
Program: Learn, Share and Enjoy Chinese Choral Music



This program provides the participants with evenings of music twice a week. One evening our conductor instructs the choir on singing techniques and methods of musical expression. The other evening, we enhance our musical knowledge by further studying the musical fundamentals. On a regular basis, we visit and perform at senior homes during Chinese Festivals and Christmas Season also the participants take part in other community events throughout the year. We also hold annual concerts in June in local theatres to present our theme of the year.

Program Activities:
At the beginning of our program season each year, the conductor selects a list of songs for study following a special theme. The theme for 2007/2008 was A Hearts Odyssey in Song.We included selections from the traditional to the modern in both Chinese and Western repertoire. 2008/2009 was the year of our 25th season, we named our theme as We are made for music, and we studied a list of approximately 20 of our best songs. In the past, we have selected music in the honour of composers that have just recently passed away. This list of theme songs varies from year to year. For the season (2009/2010) we use the theme Delights in Pairs to compare and contrast songs in which the same lyrics have been set into music by two or more composers.

Every Monday at 7:15, we start the choir practice with warm up exercises for 15 minutes, and then we move into practicing the songs in our studying list. During each practice session, the conductor drills on fundamental skills and enhances the musicianship of choral singing. Gradually our performance improves. Each practice session is approximately 2.5 hours long.

Every Wednesday at 7:30, we meet for the music fundamentals sessions. In this lesson, our sectional leader assists each voice section separately. This is to strengthen each section so we can perform more effectively when we are in the large choir group session. This practice session is also approximately 2.5 hours long.

At the end of the season, a formal choral concert is planned to share all that is learned with the community. This event drives all participants to strive for improvements and to get a sense of their accomplishments. This year we have planned to hold our concert at the Oakridge United Church.

Vancouver Chinese Singers Small Ensemble:
Members of Vancouver Chinese Singers and others who exhibit dedication to participate and interest to learn choral singing with various voice combinations are invited to join the Auxiliary Small Ensemble for practice every Thursday night. The small ensemble enables members to experience choral singing in different dimension. This also adds a different colour and provides variety at our concerts. VCS provides partial financial support to the Auxiliary Small Ensemble.

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